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Kinexus Group Announces New Relationship with Upskill Enterprise

BENTON HARBOR, Mich.- Manufacturing and work is changing rapidly, and to meet the future need of employers, Kinexus Group and Upskill Enterprise of Ireland are announcing a new relationship to help power Michigan manufacturing.

TalentSensus, one of Upskill Enterprise’s many tech tools, will be launching in Benton Harbor at Kinexus Group before being rolled out in six US states later in the year. The tool gives small and medium sized businesses a never-before-seen overview of their workforce and will be utilized by Kinexus Group and its subsidiary organizations to help both local and statewide manufacturing employers manage their talent pipelines.

“Kinexus Group is committed to championing, serving and advocating for manufacturing to be most competitive and prosperous in the nation,” said President and CEO of Kinexus Group, Todd Gustafson. “Michigan Works!, a member of Kinexus Group’s family of organizations, will be working with manufacturers to educate and establish career pathways in manufacturing. A key piece of talent development is an understanding what skills individuals currently have and what skills they still need to learn. The TalentSensus is a great platform for talent pipeline management. Kinexus Group will continue, through all subsidiaries, to find solutions that support manufacturing and we are excited to have Upskill Enterprise as a valuable resource.”

“The implementation of technology is changing the nature of jobs and work faster than most of us anticipated. Business, economic, and community growth depends, in large part, on the talent and agility of the people residing in regional areas,” according to Stephen Rice, CEO of Upskill Enterprise. “For these reasons alone, it is increasingly important for businesses to play a leadership role in supporting their employees through up-skilling, for employees to embrace lifelong learning, and for governments to create an environment to enable business and employees to sustain such efforts.”

The platform provides small to medium size employers an affordable way to analyze their workforce, while leveling the playing field with larger companies.

“TalentSensus helps businesses take control of the most challenging aspects of talent management. We provide an intuitive affordable visualization of current and future skills needs to help businesses effectively plan recruitment, retention and up-skilling strategies as well as optimizing the integration of automation within the workforce.”

The relationship between Kinexus Group and Upskill Enterprise will launch on October 1, 2019.


Any questions please contact Mary Morphey, Manager of Corporate Communications at 269.927.1064, x1143, or

About Upskill Enterprise:

Upskill Enterprise Ltd (UK) and Upskill Enterprise Inc. (USA) develop evidence-based, innovative and practical PeopleTech solutions to advance industries, businesses and their workforces to perform. With International experience across various sectors, they specialize in new ways to use PeopleTech to inspire innovation and manage talent, getting and keeping the best teams for the future of work.

About Kinexus Group:

Kinexus Group is an organization that invests its time and resources into inspiring positive economic change one individual, one business, and one community at a time. For more information, visit, follow us on Twitter @KinexusGroup or “like” us on Facebook @KinexusGroup.


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