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We have played a pivotal role in Southwest Michigan for over five decades.  From the Manpower Act to CETA thru JTPA, the Private Industry Council (PIC) to Michigan Works! and now Kinexus Group, our efforts and services have always focused on driving the economy forward.  In the last 50+ years, we have gone from a small federally designated workforce program to a diverse multi-faceted nonprofit organization. The journey started long ago with the belief we could make a difference with economically disadvantaged people.  And has grown into a belief we can provide solutions to complex economic challenges facing our region and the state of Michigan. It’s our rich history that compels us to transform the future of our state, our communities and our neighbors.

Think of us as a hub of change agents that connect people, resources, and organizations with strategies and services that make our region, and Michigan, a great place to do business.


Michigan Works!

Frequently asked questions

What is Kinexus Group?

Kinexus Group is a family of organizations that are committed to inspiring positive economic change one person, one business, one community at a time. Our nonprofit pinpoints challenges and issues that keep our state from thriving, and addresses gaps in workforce, community and business development.

How is Kinexus Group funded?

As of 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we attract public and private sector funding sources to provide solutions for a wide array of business, workforce, and community challenges. Individual donations, grants, fee-for-service projects, social enterprises, and legislatively directed funding are among the ways in which we fund our work.

What's your relationship with Michigan Works!

Kinexus Group has a family of organizations and Michigan Works! Berrien, Cass, Van Buren is one of our subsidiaries that serves the Southwest Michigan area.

What accomplishments has your organization achieved?

Last year Kinexus Group, through its family of organizations, served over 1,675 employers across the state. In addition, the organization served 3,177 at-risk-youth in 41 cities across Michigan, helped 687 students obtain their high school diploma or GED, trained 2,298 people in industries that grow our economy, and also filled 3,035 positions for 415 southwest Michigan employers.

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Kinexus Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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