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Michigan Manufacturing & Technology Association to Deliver Impactful Solutions

LANSING, Mich. - It’s no surprise that in Michigan, manufacturers are the engine that drives the state’s economy, representing 14% of the workforce and 19% of the economic output making it the largest sector in the state. It’s a $107.6 billion industry employing around 620,000 people in nearly every community across Michigan. Unlike traditional trade associations, the primary purpose of the Michigan Manufacturing & Technology Association (MMTA) is to provide a variety of specialized services to the state’s 11,466 manufacturing firms so they can compete and grow their business.

“While advocacy is important, and MMTA will provide it, we are focused on uniquely delivering the latest subject matter expertise to our members in terms of leadership development and management training, operational efficiencies and innovation, workforce attraction, retention and development and also a high level of traditional association benefits,” said Duane Berger, Executive Director of MMTA. “88% of Michigan’s manufacturing firms have less than 100 employees. Many don’t have access or the resources to invest in cutting edge business services. We’re focused on changing that for them, starting now.” added Berger.

Strategic partners in the MMTA include the Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM), the Edward Lowe Foundation, Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (MMTC), American Society of Employers, Midwest Strategies, UpSkill Enterprises, Change Agents Consulting, Inc., and Kinexus Group.

SBAM President and former Michigan Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley stated, “We are excited to have the MMTA as a strategic partner to help Michigan’s small manufacturers stay competitive, build their teams, and ultimately grow their businesses.” Calley said MMTA members will have access to a suite of services and benefits in SBAM.

Statewide partners of MMTA, members, and industry leaders, came together at the Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM) to celebrate the launch of MMTA.

MMTA champions, serves, and advocates for Michigan's small manufacturers and drives solutions that make manufacturing in Michigan the most competitive and prosperous in the nation. The organization is comprised of many services providers that bring unique solutions to the table that vary from professional development opportunities, to quarterly roundtables, legal hotlines and advocacy efforts in Lansing.

“As a progressive manufacturer, we’re very focused on production, efficiency, associate development and keeping the business trajectory positive. There are seemingly not enough hours in the day to accomplish all of our wants in day to day operations, let alone time to find a solution to an unexpected issues or problems that arise.” said Erick Stewart, Stewart Industries of Battle Creek and MMTA member. “I’m excited to be a part of MMTA as they will help us maximize our effectiveness in solving those unexpected issues and simplify how we find and attain the resources we need to be competitive.”

MMTA is a 501©6 organization that is governed by an Association Board and is founded to champion, serve, and advocate for Michigan’s small manufacturers. More importantly, it provides services that drive solutions that will make manufacturing in Michigan the most competitive and prosperous in the nation. For more information or to become a member, visit

Partners in the MMTA coalition include:

  • The Small Business Association of Michigan, a 27,000-member organization focused solely on the needs of small businesses.

  • The Edward Lowe Foundation, a world class provider of services and leadership training for second stage companies.

  • The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center, since 1991, has been a leading provider on manufacturing issues like operations, skills training, advanced technology, cybersecurity and research.

  • Midwest Strategy Group, one of Michigan’s top lobbying and government affairs groups.

  • American Society of Employers, providing programs and services on some of the most challenging of human resources issues.

  • UpSkill Enterprises, based in Ireland, works with workforce data to identify the skills each team needs to be successful.

  • Change Agents Consulting, Inc. provides customized human resources consulting, training, and education designed to help change the culture of organizations.

  • Kinexus Group, a family of organizations committed to inspiring positive economic change, one person, one business, and one community at a time. Based in Benton Harbor, Michigan, Kinexus Group provides innovative solutions in workforce, education, and community development across Michigan.


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