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Gillian Korfmacher
Director of Risk Management

Gillian Korfmacher serves as the Director of Risk Management at Kinexus Group, where she has been driving change in the workforce space for roughly 10 years and is directly responsible for the ensuring compliance among multiple subsidiary organizations.


Gill joined the Kinexus Group team as a Talent Development Supervisor in 2013, moved to being a Quality Analyst and Equal Opportunity Officer in 2016, and leadership in 2017. Korfmacher now leads the risk management functions for Kinexus Group, including policy, contracting, procurement, governance, grant management and fund allocation.


She is passionate about making a difference in Southwest Michigan and around the state.


Korfmacher earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Non-Profit/Public/Organizational Management from Grand Valley State University. In her free time, Gill enjoys summer days spent on the boat with her family and trips to new areas in the wintertime. She currently resides in Stevensville, Michigan but has called Southwest Michigan home for over 25 years.

"When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed."

-Maya Angelou

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